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Risk Manager

Internal Audit

Risk Management



The Risk Manager will lead all the Enterprise Risk Management activities including:

- risk appetite and tolerance proposal;

- risk assessment execution in joint with the risk owners;

- KRIs definition and evaluation;

- Risk reporting activity.

Establish and communicate ERM vision across the organization.

Implement/update an ERM Infrastructure.

Integrate Risk management with strategic management process.

Develop and communicate ERM policies.

Establish, communicate, and facilitate use of appropriate ERM methodologies, tools, and techniques.

Facilitate sharing of risk management best practice across the organization.

Implement appropriate risk reporting to the Finance, Audit and Risc Committee and ExCo.



Manage relation with brokers;

Manage insurance team: administrative/support function to manage insurance policies and claims.



  • Implement/update appropriate ERM framework/methodology including risk policies, metrics, reporting and monitoring;
  • Propose/ update the Risk Model, Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance;
  • Ensure alignment of Risk Management with Corporate Strategy;
  • Provide direction for the allocation of resources for Risk Management;
  • Ensure that appropriate Risk Owners are designated;
  • Facilitate the execution of ERM Framework;
  • Support Senior Management and the Board / Finance, Audit and Risk Committee (FARC) in ensuring that risks are mitigated to the desired level;
  • Conduct specific interviews with risk owners to identify and evaluate the risks;
  • Conduct specific interviews with risk owners to identify and evaluate the risk treatments;
  • Ensure that the Risk Management Framework facilitates continuous improvement of organizational capabilities for management of its top priority risks;
  • Assist the Board / Finances, Audit and Risk Committee (FARC) and Senior Management in balancing the organizational risk taking ability with its approved Risk Appetite to protect as well as enhance Corporate Value;
  • Ensure that Managers at all levels are performing their desired role as per the ERM Framework defines the specific roles and responsibilities pertaining to risk taking versus risk monitoring;
  • Update the risk register where all action plans are recorded and the KRI reports;
  • Provide assurance that communication plan for Risk Management is both coherent and capably executed;
  • Represent the main change agent for the implementation and continuous improvement of the ERM system;
  • Manage the relation with brokers;
  • Supervise administrative tasks of insurance team.



  • Academic Degree, preferably;
  • Previous experience in Risk Management;
  • Fluent in English.



  • Previous experience in auditing, risk assessment and finance;
  • Aviation background;
  • Insurance background.



  • Strong leadership;
  • Ability to think strategically;
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills;
  • Be able to organize and motivate others, who in many cases may be in a more senior position;
  • Ability to work with all level of management;
  • Excellent report writing skills;
  • Be empathic, enthusiastic and passionate about working in ERM culture.

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