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If you are starting your professional career and looking for an opportunity that allows you to do something great and to go further, TAP has the right challenge for you. Come and see the backstage of a fast-growing industry!

Professional Internship

The Professional Internship aims to provide a practical view of the theory acquired throughout the academic background, allowing you to grow professionally. This 9-month program is aimed at recent graduated students with a secondary or further education level.

Observational, Summer and Curricular Internship

The Observation Internship is a short-term experience, usually a week, aimed mainly at secondary school students.

The Summer Internship has a maximum duration of 3 months and is an excellent opportunity to have a first professional experience during the summer months.

The Curricular Internshipis an essential step for completing a curricular unit or obtaining a certain academic degree. This experience can last from 3 to 9 months.


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