First Officer


Being a Pilot at TAP means belonging to a great company that inspires safety and challenges you to take it further and, above all, a company that takes care of you.

Experience the fascinating world of aviation

The feeling of lifting off the ground a machine that carries hundreds of passengers daily to destinations in every part of the globe is indescribable. It is also a great responsibility - your mission will be to always do it safely.

Surrender yourself to a challenging job

Your job will be a permanent challenge. You will have the chance to progress together with an excellence team; either through the ongoing training TAP provides staff with or through interaction with countless professionals.

An office overlooking the world

As a Pilot you will have the privilege of enjoying the best views an office can offer. Plus, you will be flying one of the world’s most modern fleets.


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Spontaneous applications for First Officer are not accepted. We'll post an announcement when new opportunities for this feature arise.